Leaders in low-crystalline silica printed engineered stones

Marmomac 2022 Helds The Launch Of Symphony By Aurea Stone

The 2022 Verona Marmomac show has now concluded.

After a few years of challenges to gather as an industry due to Covid,  I can say this show was well attended and it was such a pleasure for all to join once again.  We saw many old friends and met so many more new friends.  ​

This was our first opportunity to introduce our revolutionary line of composite surfacing, Symphony by Aurea Stone.

This product contains only 20% crystalline silica and 70% recycled content.  This formulation is very advantageous in the prevention of Silicosis due to the extremely low crystalline silica content.  It is truly an environmentally friendly product. 

Symphony 4R Tech Slab

While the low crystalline silica content is at the forefront of manufacturing capability, the real story here are the visual attributes of the material.  This material is the first PRINTED surface with extremely high accuracy in the printing process.  This product provides superior durability both in its chemical composition and the stability of the print, supported by a 25 year warranty on both the material and the printed surface.  Due to the composition of the material, the depth of the print is far more translucent than traditional porcelain slabs. 

Even better than all of this, this product has none of the challenges during fabrication that porcelain slabs create.  This product can be fabricated in exactly the same manner as traditional quartz slabs.  There is no need to alter tooling that is used to process quartz surfacing, and no need to alter feed rates of the cutting or processing platforms used! 

The interest expressed at Marmomac for Symphony by Aurea was truly overwhelming.  We are so grateful for the confidence both existing customers and new customers expressed during this trade show!  Our hearts are full, and we look forward to seeing Aurea Symphony spread all over North America and beyond.