Leaders in low-crystalline silica printed engineered stones

Symphony by Aurea Stone comes to Los Angeles to introduce its 16 color Harmony Collection

Inspired by the most beautiful musical compositions, Symphony’s new Harmony Collection introduces 16 new patterns with an unmatched resemblance to real marble. Symphony EcoPress surfaces reach the pinnacle in engineered stone technology to bring a sustainable yet durable product that will stand the test of time.

On January 19th, Los Angeles will be the site for the launch of the Harmony Collection from Symphony by Aurea Stone. This collection is comprised of 16 new colors that flawlessly imitate the beauty of real marble, but with the advantages of an engineered stone.

Harmony, and therefore Symphony, surfaces use a cutting-edge technology that results in a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. With this event, Aurea Stone also formally introduces Symphony EcoPress to the American market.

More than 30 attendees, including distributors and salespeople of Symphony by Aurea Stone, will have an exclusive preview to this collection inspired by musical harmony.

Understanding a musical composition as a puzzle in which different pieces (notes) combine with each other, Harmony is the element that joins them together. In this collection, elegant veins of different shades and shapes blend beautifully with a smooth background to bring majestic creations.

The 16 new colors of Harmony collection are expected to hit the market in the second quarter of the year.

An impressive technology to lead the engineered stone sector

Symphony EcoPress is a printed surface which combines an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with a patented printing technology. This results in an unmatched high-definition sharpness and clarity in its patterns. These two characteristics make Symphony by Aurea Stone slabs a unique product. A revolution in the stone market that set forth the path for a new stone generation.

The manufacturing process for Symphony EcoPress has been developed with our revolutionary 4R Technology. Its four major pillars are Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Respect.

With less than 20% crystalline silica, and up to 70% of recycled materials, such as glass, this economizes the manufacturing process by reducing the use of raw materials. On the top of that, this newly developed formulation achieves a significant improvement in the use of post-consumer content.

Our new composition results in meaningful reduction of the generated breathable crystalline silica in the manufacturing process. Up to 70% less when compared to traditional quartz surfacing. This contributes to a healthier work environment. Moreover, allows Symphony surfaces to have the lowest environmental impact among the other engineered stones in the market.

In addition, nearly 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process is reused.

Technology reaches its pinnacle to bring this engineered stone

Nano Ink Technology brings supreme authenticity to Symphony slabs

Symphony EcoPress surfaces are printed with a patented 5D nanotechnology that injects the ink up to 1mm under the surface. This results in improved stability of colors, creates a deep 3D effect, and provides better resistance to scratches.

Symphony’s printing technology avoids the drawbacks of printing a pattern that is limited to the top surface only. That is the case of other hard surfaces such as porcelain.

The combination of this printing technique and the 4R technology in Symphony EcoPress surfaces delivers a product with amazing color, beautiful veining, an unparalleled visual depth. Not to mention the real and authentic appearance. Symphony by Aurea Stone slabs have a translucency equivalent to real marble. They have no visible grains and better light reflection than any other existing engineered stone.

Aurea Stone is dedicated to set forth a path for others to follow. PERFECTION IS AN ATTITUDE