Leaders in low-crystalline silica printed engineered stones

Architects and designers from Virginia and Connecticut will have the opportunity to get to know the unique properties of Symphony surfaces first hand at several upcoming events.

The exclusive distributor of Symphony in Virginia, The Stone Xperience, will hold two events in Richmond and Portsmouth where full slabs of Symphony will be on display. Meanwhile in Norwalk, Connecticut, Everest Marble will participate in a cooking demo event where luxury kitchens and countertops, including Symphony surfaces, will be showcased.

The Stone Xperience invites design professionals to discover Symphony Stone

On July 11th and 12th  two fabricators located in Richmond and Portsmouth Virginia, together with The Stone Xperience, will be hosting an event to introduce Symphony Ecopress by Aurea Stone to architects and designers. The Stone Xperience, the exclusive distributor of the brand for VA and several other states, will showcase full slabs of Symphony in selected colors from the two collections at the event. In addition, a finished countertop display will be feature.

Attendees will have the opportunity to take a close look at this new product. They will experience the authenticity and realism of the veins in all patterns and the luminescent background of the slabs. During the event, some video monitors will shown informative videos of what Symphony Ecopress is. This will allow designers and architects to get familiar with the revolutionary technologies which have been developed to create Symphony surfaces.

Leaders in low-silica engineered printed stones

The 4R technology is based in four major pillars: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Respect. Symphony Ecopress is the first low-silica printed engineered stone with up to 70% of recycled materials, such as glass. This confers an unmatchable translucency to the product. In addition, almost 100% of the water needed in the manufacturing process is reused.

They will learn more about the cutting-edge Nano Ink Technology that injects the ink up to 1mm into the surface. As a result, Symphony surfaces have an improved stability of colors, a deep 3D effect, and a better resistance to scratches. And discover the exclusive NEOS Technology that keeps Symphony surfaces clean and guards against everyday wear and tear. Furthermore, it provides an anti-stain lifetime warranty to the slabs.

The event will be a casual gathering. Attendees will have the opportunity to chat with the fabricator, the distributor and the Symphony team. Both in Richmond and Portsmouth there will be a small reception with food and wine. In Richmond, a DJ will add to the festivities with some lively background music.

Everest Marble participates with Symphony slabs at a luxury kitchen showroom

On July 12th, some members of the Symphony by Aurea Stone team will be at Aitoro Appliances in Norfolk, Connecticut, attending a cooking demonstration. The Symphony slabs used for a kitchen vignette in the showroom will be the focus of attention. A chef will be doing a demo on a Symphony countertop provided by our exclusive distributor for the area, Everest Marble, to showcase the functionality and beauty of the surface.

Designers and architects will get to appreciate the sharpness and realism in the pattern. But also the unsurpassable light reflection and brightness of the slab. This demo will prove that Symphony surfaces stand out for their versatility, endurance and easy cleaning and maintenance.