Leaders in low-crystalline silica printed engineered stones

Harmony, the new collection from Symphony by Aurea Stone, triumphs in Los Angeles

Exclusive distributors of the brand attended the launch of the 16 new colors and observed a demonstration of how to correctly perform the miter of Symphony surfaces

The Symphony by Aurea Stone team held an event on January 19th, in Los Angeles, California, to introduce their latest collection, Harmony. More than 30 attendees representing distributors of the brand had exclusive first access to the 16 new colors. They were also able to observe a live demonstration on how to properly miter the Symphony surfaces.

Andrew Lauren Surfaces hosted the display of the new collection and presented the miter demonstration in their fabrication shop. Sixteen slabs with the new colors were put on display for all representatives from our brand distributors. They had the opportunity to see a close-up view of the stunning patterns and appreciate the pristine white backgrounds. A realistic rendition of real marble with the advantages of an engineered stone.

Most of the attendees highlighted the authenticity and depth of the veining and the high definition of the patterns. “The main thing that stands out is the definition and reality of the slabs. I mean, if you don’t know what you’re looking at you’ll 100% believe that is natural material”, stated Rob Padula, from Everest Marble.

Others surrendered to the appealing colors of the collection, with predominant cool and sober tones. “The first collection came out with a lot of bold colors and that was great. I think it is important to call the attention of a lot of people, but for sure we had the demand for calmer and softer patterns. I think Harmony collection will be very good on that sense”, said Rodrigo Grassano, from Omni Surfaces.

They shared some feedback on the collection and expressed their preferences by rating the 16 new colors.

Mittering Symphony surfaces

The attendees also joined a demonstration of how to miter Symphony surfaces correctly for the best result. A craftsman showed the whole process. From the preparation of the mitered edges being pulled together with adhesive tape, to the polishing. The relative ease and speed of assembling a mitered edge surprised many of the observers.

Distributors were reminded that fabricating the miter joints correctly is essential for a good-looking outcome. The demonstration showed one finished edge with a sub-optimal result at the miter edge. Then the craftman exhibited what techniques to apply to achieve an optimal result showing a barely visible line in the transition from the top of the counter to the drop down edge.

In addition to the introduction of the new Harmony Collection, the event also gave our team the opportunity to officially introduce our new Symphony EcoPress concept to our distributors.

What is EcoPress?

EcoPress is the acronym of Eco Printed Engineered Surfaces. As its name implies, it could be described as a printed surface which combines an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with a patented printing technology. This results in an unmatched high-definition sharpness and clarity in its patterns.

The manufacturing process for Symphony EcoPress has been developed following four major pillars: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Respect. What we call the4R technology.

With less than 20% crystalline silica, and up to 70% of recycled materials -such as glass- this economizes the manufacturing process by reducing the use of raw materials. In addition, it allows a significant improvement in the use of post-consumer content.

Compared to traditional quartz surfacing, the generated breathable crystalline silica in the manufacturing process is reduced up to 70%. That is why Symphony surfaces have the lowest environmental impact among the other engineered stones in the market. Furthermore, this contributes to a healthier work environment.

Moreover, almost 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process can be reused.

Symphony EcoPress is bound to become a unique product that will revolutionize the stone market and lead the new stone generation.