Leaders in low-crystalline silica printed engineered stones


Our commitment is firm, our actions honest.

Symphony verifies its dedication to assessing the ecological footprint of its products with the EPD certification.

The Environment Product Declaration provides a reliable, transparent and certifiable environmental profile and highlights environmentally friendly products based on life cycle assessments (LCA).

*Corroborated by an approved independent verifier

From start to finish.
A transparent process aimed at sustainability.

Reducing the environmental impact and the impact on communities generated by the production chain of Symphony surfaces has been our main goal.

Our commitment to a better world, along with the advanced 4R technology we use to manufacture Symphony, ensures that the entire lifecycle of our products is focused on sustainability.

From the extraction of materials to the manufactured product, its usage stage and end of life.

The 4R Formula
the milestone that makes it possible

We reduce the content of
crystalline silica to
less than 20%.

We incorporate up to 70% recycled content into our slabs, reducing the number of raw materials and improving the use of post-consumer content.

We drastically reduced
the carbon footprint
of Symphony surfaces.
We reuse almost 100% of
the water required
in the
manufacturing process of Symphony.

Looking towards
the future

Our commitment doesn’t end here;
we want to continue moving towards a better world.

With the EPD we can reflect the continuous environmental improvement of our
products over time and can communicate and add up relevant
environmental information along Symphony’s supply chain.
We are proud to be one of the most sustainable engineering
stones on the market and want to share it with you.